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10 Youtube Yoga Flows For a Happier Mind

10 Youtube Yoga Flows For a Happier Mind

Whatever your level of yoga, if you are practicing for just 20 minutes every day, your physical and mental health will benefit tremendously. A sequence of slow movements with deep breaths increases your blood circulation and holding certain poses helps to build strength. There are many yoga videos available on YouTube and we bring you 10 free yoga flows for a happier mind (and healthier lifestyle)!

50 Positive Affirmations For a Daily Boost

Positive affirmations have been described as ‘positive self-talk’ and have long been used to give us daily encouragement. They are written in the present tense and express what we want to be true about ourselves and our lives. Positive affirmations inspire us and can help ease depression and give our self-esteem a good boost.

How To Set Goals For Yoga And Meditation

When you first begin yoga and meditation, you will soon notice physical changes in your body and others in your mind. Your mind will feel more ordered and uncluttered and as a result of this, you will feel emotionally more calm and peaceful. Once you have achieved these changes, it is the perfect time to set yourself some goals for your yoga and meditation...

Yoga Escapes

Yoga escapes definitely add another dimension to traveling and unique yoga retreats can be found all over the world. Picture yourself on your yoga mat on a beautiful beach, on a hilltop among the mountains, or by a tranquil lake, and promise yourself a yoga escape next year – if not before!

Yoga For Empowerment

Empowerment is about having the ability and confidence to turn towards and really feel the moment deeply – no matter what that moment involves – and act accordingly, from presence, from reality. You can practise this on the yoga mat, especially when you challenge yourself.

Yoga vs Pilates

After a busy day at work, some people thrive on doing something really energetic, while others prefer something restful. What better than low impact exercise that is good for both body and mind? Even with a hectic lifestyle, it is important to spend time exercising each week to keep your body in good shape and to lay firm foundations for the years ahead.

Embracing Diversity With Pride And Yoga

The beauty of yoga is that it is for everyone, whatever their age, size, ability, and ethnicity. Yoga is also for everyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Yoga embraces diversity and the word ‘yoga’ is from Sanskrit and means ‘unity’. Pride 2021 began earlier this month and a number of the celebrations will include yoga. We have been finding out more...

Understanding the Basics of Yoga - What is Yoga, Its Origins & Evolution Over the Years

Can you think of something that originated some 10-15 thousand years ago and is still being practiced? Well, the system of yoga is the only thing that comes to mind! How could something survive for such a long time? It’s only possible if it works, right? Otherwise, people wouldn’t have followed it century after century.

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